Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Supporting Project 2. FairestTradeofall.com

Project Overview

The fairesttradeofall.com is an innovative web-based micro-enterprise initiative aimed at supporting community development in developing countries.

The technology to enable this simple idea has just matured through initiatives such as SolarnetOne, the Rural Internet Connectivity System and One Laptop Per Child, and this is the time to make a difference. Low-cost technology is the middleman, enabling communities to reap the full commercial benefit of getting their product FROM their communities, TO a global marketplace. Buy now, direct from the local artisans, pay for their work, support their communities.

A financial institution with a strong CSR commitment will partner to manage payments, and a global transport company will partner to get the art and craft products to your front door.
The fairesttradeofall.com will enable communities to pay back initial investment costs for infrastructure set-up, ensuring true community ownership.

Scope and Goals of Project

To support community development through an integrated set of activities covering:
  • income generation
  • targeted education
  • social cohesion and mobilization
  • communication

The fairesttradeofall.com would enable the Children of Tomorrow group of projects to become sustainable for all children of tomorrow.

Point of contact: Peter Vanderwaal - peter.vanderwal@jtai.com.au

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