Tuesday, August 5, 2008

“Share” Website Project

Supporting Project 1. “Share” Website Project - Youth creating the way for a positive future

Project Overview

Our knowledge of interactive websites worldwide available and popular with young people seem to be totally focused on the social dimension only.

We would like to prepare a website that picks up this interactive social dimension whilst focusing on important issues of international concern. We hope that this would create a generation of concerned young people who would be able to communicate constantly with each other and explore solutions for the benefit of all human kind.

We believe we can create/design an international website that “competes” with some of the current popular websites (eg. Facebook, Myspace and Bebo). We believe the focus of such websites is very much centred on each individual with a narcissistic flavour rather than the sharing of information for the greater good.

We would like this new website to be created by young people for young people as a way to ensure generational change through the internet.

Through this we would like to create an environment where children and young adults can truly “communicate and learn about powerful ideas to find solutions and to work with others globally to make a better global world for their own generation” (Program Overview – Children of Tomorrow).

Scope and Goals of Project
  1. To create a contemporary social and information sharing medium through which users can communicate with each other and develop appropriate relationships with others of like mind and to help ensure justice and equity on our planet.
  2. To develop a website of international standing supported in part by the ERI Organisation Worldwide to support the various arms of this organisation and any other like minded alliance groups (eg. the Children of Tomorrow projects?).
  3. To ensure that the website is interactive, user friendly and attractive to young people.
  4. To encourage young people to develop a social conscience through this medium and thus become aware of emerging and ongoing problems with a view to seeking long term solutions.
  5. To enable the sharing of issues of world wide concern between a wide variety of people hopefully ensuring a rapid response by as many people/organisations as possible. Ideally this would be led by passionate young people motivated by their interaction with this website.
  6. To provide an avenue through which people/organisations will be able to respond quickly to worldwide crises and contribute either personnel or funds to help this occur.
  7. To provide an instantaneous and spontaneous avenue through which young people can provide information to a central data and news collection hub.
  8. To be a place of consensus data collection for those persons/organisations who have the ability to create a better environment for those in need.

    Potential Sponsors
  • Edmund Rice International (ERI Organisation International)
  • IT providers (eg. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft)
  • UN Agencies (eg. Save the Children Fund)
  • Other international media, communication and news organisations (eg. News Limited – Rupert Murdoch)
  • Various worldwide governments
  • Education organisations (eg. Universities and schools)
  • Various religious groups (eg. Christians, Buddhists, Islam, Hindu)
  • Other philanthropic groups

Point of Contact: Chris Vincent - chris.vincent@optusnet.com.au

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