Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Potential Sponsors

Potential Sponsors:

Children of Tomorrow projects could be supported by various youth organisations such as:
  • World Scholar/ Athlete Games
  • International Baccalaureate Schools
  • Next Generation of Global Leaders
  • United Nations
  • National Society of High School Scholars NSHSS (Nobel)
  • Global Youth Leaders (Clinton)

The calibre of the Children of Tomorrow projects could also attract potential sponsorship from organisations such as:

  • Edmund Rice International (ERI Organisation International)
  • IT providers (eg. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft)
  • UN Agencies (eg. Save the Children Fund)
  • Other international media, communication and news organisations (eg. News Limited – Rupert Murdoch)
  • Various worldwide governments
  • Education organisations (eg. Universities and schools)
  • Various religious groups (eg. Christians, Buddhists, Islam, Hindu)
  • Other philanthropic group

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