Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hear and Say WorldWide

Hear and Say WorldWide is a global program to teach young children with hearing loss to listen and speak. Hearing loss is the most common disability in newborns, and affects listening, spoken language, literacy, education, social and emotional development and career opportunities. Often the outcomes are isolation and poverty, if diagnosis is too late for effective treatment.

Hear and Say WorldWide will support children with hearing loss by training hearing healthcare teams globally in best practices for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. The potential for these children is for listening and spoken language and education opportunities the same as those of their hearing peers. The project will focus on modern hearing and communication technology and techniques to give children the potential for listening and spoken language, education, socialisation, and economic success.

Point of Contact: Dimity Dornan – dimity@hearandsaycentre.com.au
Reference: http://www.hearandsayworldwide.com

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